San Alexander


Exclusive Interview 

Bio: Rassan “San Alexander” Hicks (Born March 25th, 1991) is an American recording artist originally from Tacoma, WA currently residing in Florida. Noted for his aggressively energetic delivery, mesmerizing flow and complex wordplay creating what he describes as “Music Comprised of Pain and Passion.” He began his music endeavors as 1/2 of a group called LxngStxryShxrt based out of Florida in 2015 with his brother ispitEth3r. San is also a co-founding member of R.E.N.E.G.A.D.E Music Group consisting of himself and the incredibly talented Versailles The Everything.

Top 5 influences: 1) Kendrick Lamar 2) Big Krit 3) Andre 3K 4) Versailles The Everything 5) My Pops

New Projects? New project release dates are TBA thus far, but I have a solo project as well as a collaborative project with VTE in the works. Poetry helped me get into music. I competed in slam poetry competitions with Black on Black Rhyme here in Florida and it helped grow as a writer, performer and all around artist. Also an abundance of support from family, friends and Artists I felt were way farther along than myself that mustered up the humility to acknowledge my efforts.

One thing I’d tell my fans  is find the courage to believe in yourself by any means necessary. Life is much easier and more enjoyable when you live it with confidence and reassurance of who you are… LxngStxryShxrt… Do you breh.

Biggest Goals for 2017? My biggest goals for 2017 are simply to establish myself as an up and coming artist and ultimately just making some dope music for the remainder of the year.

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