Modest Behavior

Exclusive Interview

BIO So Leo () and I (modest behavior) have known each other and have been friends since our childhood where we used to jam it out on the guitar and drums…over the years we knew we decided we wanted to do something with music and knew it was meant for us to pursue it. Come junior year we got the idea of actually taking action after watching the movie “The Secret”…which is based on a mindset or idea of living by thinking and attracting what you want into existence using the law of attraction. That is where we got the idea of starting our own brand “LOAgranted” and hopefully independent music label if we work hard enough. we then started to purchase what we needed for a home studio and a good setup (krk speakers, Mac desktop, studio mic, keyboard, and necessary software…I use fl studio to produce and we use logic to mix the vocals)…we have made countless songs that were never up to par in terms of what we wanted to hear…frustrated and upset we decided go try to go to a studio his cousin had spoken of. However, Leo felt rushed, out of his element, and a bad influence from the engineer on our music. We then realized we can’t rely on anyone else but us and have been grinding getting better ever since. We are also starting to design clothes for our LOAgranted brand we have already made hats and distributed to local supporters. We’re from a suburb 20 minutes of Boston and currently attend Keene state college and room together

Top 5 influences: drake, the underachievers, frank ocean, John Mayer, clams casino

New projects: working on premiere album (date TBD)

What helped get into music: always loved since a young age and have bonded together since playing the guitar and drums in our childhood

One thing tell our fans: findout what you love to do that is your true purpose and believe in it and work towards it regardless of what anyone says and thankyou for believing in us


Biggest goals 2016: develop and get better at our craft

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