Mad Max Music

BIO: I’m Tory Marsh aka Mad Max Music a super music producer originally from Goldsboro, NC but now reside in Raleigh, NC.Ive been making tracks since 2003 off and on but taking a more professional approach since 2012.Im a drummer by trade but familiar with several instruments.I participated with the North Carolina A&T marching band and lead the drum line while in college.

Top 5 influences: 1500 or nothin, Justice League, Timbaland, Bink, BattleCat

Any new projects? Right now just submitting music for placements and perfecting the craft.

What got you into music? I’ve been into music since I was 3 playing the drums back home in church in North Carolina. My great-grandmother played piano and my family always sat around and had all types of music playing.

Anything to tell your fans? Tell the fans to tune in and keep listening out for new music and that you just may hear your favorite artist singing/rapping on some of Mad Max music. I thanks everyone for their support.

Biggest goal is to score a movie or tv show theme music.Along with supporting artist with good music.

Mad Max Music

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