Valley Joe

BIO:  Valley Joe is a rap artist from Vallejo, CA. His “West Coast” style is unique, raw and attracts notoriety through his lyrics and beats. Valley Joe is a versatile artist, his music is relatable and his lifestyle and image is influential and appealing to many.
Top 5 influences?  probably  tupac, lil boosie, j stalin, chinx drugz and payroll giovanni based on what i listen and relate to most. i grew up influenced by alot of e40, celly cel, b legit, too short, snoop dogg, woodie and a few others.
New Projects? i have a video soon to be released jus making some changes to the mp3. also a couple single mp3s and/or an album can be expected this coming summer. working on getting my own place, then il have more time and space to really get to work ive been lagging on the music but ive been taking care of a lot of priorities that i need out the way.
What helped you get into music? what helped me get into music rather than who would be my life experiences they give me so much to say and keep me on it everytime i hear a beat i got a vision for it and my mind jus go crazy. just the love and passion for music as a listener i suppose would be the start and me having my own voice inside just comes out i guess. i love music i cant get enough of it and i love recording and performing i love pushing my lungs and vocals out as much as i can its jus an experience i cant describe. its a way of venting. the support i get from people really what keep me tryna make sumthin serious out of it all though. people really beleive in me and follow my music and it trips me out the things people say to me n i feel like it can go big so they keep me pushin to really do this and make somethin out it.
Anything to tell your fans? one thing i would tell my fans is i really appreciate the support all the love its a blessing to have fans. i go through my personal shit with this music constantly but i always jus get this random person however it be that they communicate with me and its always love motivation somethin to pick me up or push me or keep me goin. i get deep shit from people about my music sometimes and when i was in jail i even got fan mail. even mail out of the country i couldnt even reply to. all the support i experience from time to time is jus so surreal to me i get deep with it but its what keeps me goin and i cant express simply words i just appreciate it im very humbled and blessed and the love is very mutual. i have a special place in my heart and in my future for my fans. much respect for them and anyone whos supported me or played any role in moving me forward much respect and God Bless. thank you.
Biggest Goals for 2017? would be to completely get back on my feet and have my spot where i can fully focus on my music with no excuses or distractions. ima put a lot of time and effort into my music this time. no more jail time stay out the way and pursue my dreams.
Anything else? thank u for the interview and reaching out to me i apologize for the delay and i hope this is all good! hit me for whatever and God Bless. yee

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