Cousin Deeky


BIO: Cousin Deeky, 20 year old hip-hop artist from New Jersey who loves creating and listening to music. Deeky started his career in summer of 2016 by dropping his debut mixtape “Unsipervized” whose lead single April showers in now up to +160k plays on soundcloud.

Top 5 Influences: Kendrick Lamar Tupac Shakur Nas J. Cole Eminem

New Projects: Just recently released Self-medicated but I am working on two new projects an EP set to drop in October and another conceptual mixtape being released early 2018 What helped me get into music:

What helped me get into music? was actually just listening to music so much. It was my escape from the world it was what helped me get through a lot of rough times. I even credit it with saving my life because I wouldn’t be in the position i am without music. I got into music because I never want people to feel the way i have felt at times so if my music can safe one person I know I am doing the right thing.

One thing i want my fans to know?: You are never alone… no matter how alone you feel you are never alone. If you have to music to listen to someone is always there. Music is the one form of media that everyone can relate to because even though we are all different people we are very similar at the same time and all have felt certain emotions at some point in time. Remember you are never alone.

Goals for 2017?: My tangible goals for 2017 is to have 1000 followers on Soundcloud, 100 youtube subscribers and to build my social media presence but most of all I just want to make good music for the fans because you guys deserve it you have given me more love than I could have imagined for this year and the rest of my years is for you the fans.

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