Artist Exclusive with A.B

BIO Anthony “A.B.” Brody was born in Madisonville, KY. He was raised just 36 miles South in the small city of Hopkinsville, KY. Though he started writing rap songs at the early age of 10, it was at the age of 15 that he moved to Columbus, GA and found his true passion for rap and R&B music. There he was able to record for the first time and place himself in a couple of school talent shows. During his early recording days, he started to sing the hooks for his tracks instead of rapping. Amazed at how well it sounded, he then decided he would give RnB a shot. All of his music is written from past experiences which gives him the ability to bring a soulful sound to seduce the body and mind. Though there are some party tracks to vibe to from this artist his intention is to soothe the mind while setting the mood for the lovers out there. His music is made to lift up others that may be going through what he has been through. With inspirations such as Al Green, R. Kelly, Boys to Men and many other great singers, he brings you a seductive style of his own. His mission, to bring back to the table what he feels most RnB today has shifted away from, the passion.

A.B.’s first single, “Couple of Ways”, was released on Jan.25th 2017. The track is available via ITunes, and many other digital music stores. Through the support of various DJ’s and fans he landed an opening for RnB sensation Bando Jones on March 13, 2016 in Bowling Green, KY, and performed in many other shows with his most previous being at the Hard Rock Café in Boston, MA. Dec.1st of 2016. Discovered by his talent of also making EDM music the legendary Lane McCray, singer of late 90’s multiplatinum selling group “La Bouche”, guided Anthony “A.B.” Brody to get a distribution deal with overseas record label, DMN Records for his dance music he creates. His first single, “Move with Me”, for DMN records landed the charts at number 53 for the top 100 songs on the Swiss dance charts and several other various charts. He now has 5 singles released and some of them have also landed on the charts with some of the biggest stars in the industry. In the states he is known as A.B. but overseas he is known as Anthony Brody.

This artist has developed the skill to be very diverse with his music and is sharing his talent with the world. This Indie artist is one you will want to keep up with from here on out. Focused and on the rise he’s determined to make it to the top.

 What you hope to bring to the game? What I look to bring to the industry is that vibe everybody used to get when they heard their favorite rnb cut back in the day. I feel now days its not much of that out there. Most tracks today are speaking of just straight up wanting nothing to do with a female anymore or just straight up doggin them out. Not all rnb but some. I want to put that love back in there as well as the intimacy missing from the way it has evolved over the years. I make music for everybody, not just my generation or the one to come and some artists just slap on that auto tune and and get a dope beat then call it rnb. How can you put your feeling into a song or even get others to feel your true pain or love through your vocals if its 95 % autotune? not dissin anyone just speaking the real.

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