FL Finest Family

Exclusive Interview


Bio: Three of modern hip-hop’s youngest students in the form of emcee/producer collective Florida’s Finest Family drum up a stellar debut album— hailing from their namesake’s Central region—paying homage to their titular state’s mellow sound as well as their diverse national influences; from G-funk, Houston trap, Bay Area hyphy, and trip-hop peripherals. With lengthy, dynamic verses evoking the cunning wordplay of the early 90’s devotion with today’s spacious and lush productions, “Changing Channels” is an impressive introduction from some of modern rap’s talented freshmen. Likening themselves to points on Greek god of the ocean Poseidon’s faithful trident, the three members of Florida’s Finest Family use every minute of their first official album “Changing Channels” to stake their untiring claim as emerging talents to watch out for. IllWill attacks his verses with a profound sense of fiery determination, The Great Gaspi emulating the aura of a wise-beyond-his-years old soul, while Blk Swnn serves as the overseeing architect for the band of brothers— crafting picturesque canvasses of spectacular colors for the three to chop it up over. From musing upon the destruction their native hurricane storms brings, the direction of their lives, of the country’s, “Changing Channels” possesses multiple nuanced angles for listeners to appreciate.

New Projects? Our latest, self produced debut album “Changing Channels” just released everywhere 12/20/2016. All streaming sites as well as iTunes. We are now working on our next mixtape, |Perks of Summer II| a sequel to the tape that started it all for us. The mixtape is expected to release 06/10/2017.
What got you into music? We were all into music are whole lives, but never made music together until our boy BeEZ who recently passsed away wanted to make a track with our best friend/producer/group member and we just had a lot of fun with it, and it elevated from there. All started in 2013

Top 5 influences?: God/Life experiences/ Friends/ Smoking weed in different settings/ & the passion to create a unique style of feel good music.

One thing you would tell your fans?: To stay true to themselves and not stress over other people’s opinions. Everyone’s unique.

Biggest goals for 2017: To keep connecting with people, and grow our sound organically. While representing Florida and keeping the legacy alive for our boy BeEZ.

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