Count Slick

Exclusive Interview: 

Top 5 Influences? It’s super hard to pick only 5 people who have influenced me honestly, because I listen to probably 30 different artists every day and I learn and appreciate a lot of different shit from different people. If I have to though, Mac Miller, Joey Bada$$, Kendrick, Capital Steez, and Tyler the Creator. Obviously this is 5 of an endless list of favorite rappers that I idolize but lyrically these are the 5 who have inspired me the greatest.

New Projects? My first full length conceptual project drops March 31 entitled, “The Show”. The idea is about 3 years in the making now and I can’t fuckin wait to drop this thing. I can honestly say I think it’ll turn a lot of heads. Not to mention I got to team up with Dirty Sanchez for a piece of it which was unreal. It’s gonna be something special.

What got you into music? Well I’ve played drums my whole life. For about 8 years really it’s all I did, in all different settings, some even professionally. So obviously, that lent itself to a crazy love and appreciation to everything musical. My love of poetry just kinda mixed with that to bring me into to hip hop. Poems and rhythms, it made sense.

Anything to tell your fans? If I could say anything it’d be that I hope some part of what I’m doing with this music can somehow help you in your life. It’s become an outlet for me, which is what music is to a lot of people. I just wana change some lives and tell stories while I do it. My one and only goal is always to inspire.

Goals? My goal for this year specifically is get myself to a place where I can do that. There’s a lot of bullshit in hip hop right now, and I wana be one of the greats who came up in a time when all that shit was going on. That’d be legendary.

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