Sunny ala AKT

Exclusive Interview

What do you think are your greatest strengths musically?  I think my greatest strength musically is arrangement of songs. I’m really stress the importance of what sound goes where at what time and how should things sound. 

Who is one artist you would love to work with?  Honestly there’s a lot of artist I want to work with but the ones I’ve been working with are Tshombe and BLVK. , both of them are the homies and we all went to the same highschool and shit so its dope. 

What circumstances influenced your art? I think the things in life influence the art that I make. Usually that’s the case with a lot of artists and I think also when I hear certain things it just makes me want to get to work immediately.

Who do you think the dopest emcee out currently is?  There’s a lot of new dope emcees to be honest so its kinda hard for me to name one lmao. But shout out to anybody getting money doing their thing.

Tell us about your new projects?  Hopefully I’ll be dropping some songs soon I need to start recording stuff so we’ll see. I wanna drop a tape by summertime.

What inspires you the most?  I think what inspires me the most is just the hardships in life. I feel like without those moments you can’t become better. Some of the best music has come out of hardships.

Sunny ala Akt




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