Tray Wayne


Exclusive Interview 


BIO? Hey I’m Tray Wayne. I’m a producer and music enthusiast, my hometown is Mke, WI.

What got you into music? I’ve been into music pretty much my whole life. Thinking back, I’ve always enjoyed seeing, watching and listening to people enjoy music. Everybody has their own taste and style, but the end result is the same; bliss. My father was into rock, while my mother in more fond to R&B and Neo-soul. I spent a lot of time with my cousins growing up and they were into trap music. All these different influences can be heard in the music I create today. I’m inspired by multiple artists not just because of their music, but because of their road to success, their legacy.


Top influences? My inspiration range is wide. From Snoop Dogg and Will Smith, doing things differently and tailoring the rap game to their liking, to Dj Khaled and Rick Ross for their business strides, to Kanye West and Pharrell Williams for their innovations to music and art alike. I look up to these men for their purpose, not necessarily just the final product that they put out. More so, the reason behind it.These influences are going to be apparent in my upcoming mixtape with a couple up and coming artists from MKE.


New Projects? I’m also working on a EP that’s inspired from a trip I recently took to NYC, which you can check out on Soundcloud ( and my Fan page ( for announcements and updates.


Any thing to tell your fans? If it’s any message I’d wanna leave people with is to research everything. Keep your facts fresh by questioning everything and creating your own answers and your own truths.

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