Exclusive Interview  

Top 5 Influences Id say Kanye West. J.cole. Eminem. Notorious b.i.g and Mac Miller


What got you into music? I got into music by starting on the guitar. Thats what i wanted to do becuase im good at it and from there it opened my mind to all types of music. Them i got into making beats and the artists that i named inspired me to rap. I used to freestyle with friends and realized i wasnt bad so i thought if i actually took the time to write amd take it serious i could make something happen and thats kinda where im at now just trying to build my buzz

Anything to tell your fans? One thing i would tell my fans is thank you for your support it means everything cuz without them im nothing and just to always believe in me because if i say ima do it then ima do it

Biggest Goals for 2017? My biggest goals are to build my fanbase as big as i can get it and to hopefully start getting noticed by labels and actual rappers in the game. Keep the buzz goin and to hopefully be able to start touring

Anything else? Music is my passion. Im not in it for the money im in it to inspire others and change lives. Thats most important to me. If i can just change one life then im doing something right, anything more than that is just a bonus

my other music can be found at htpp://….. I put the link wrong earlier i think. When will this write up be posted?

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