Anon Mess Age Sage.


Exclusive Interview 

BIO I Was Born In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I Go By Anon Mess Age Sage. It’s About How The Internet And Technology Are The Reasons Why The World Is So Confused. Everyone Has An Opinion About Something, And 24/7 You See It, And This Causes People To Feel Like They Don’t Really Know What To Believe. So, Everyone Is Pretty Anonymous, Even If They Think Otherwise, Because There’s A Lack Of Real Identity Today. It’s A Mess Age. And, Everyone Wants To Tell You How It Is. I Just Try To Document It, So I Call Myself Anon Mess Age Sage.

Top 5 Influences Are All Over The Place. Marilyn Manson. Rob Zombie. Nine Inch Nails. Ludacris. Eminent, If I Have To Pick 5. But, I Was Also Very Much Influenced By LOTS Of Underground Music, Whether It’s Rap, Punk, Or Metal. Death Grips Is Awesome As A Runner-Up. Cage, Even Necro.

New Projects? My Music Video For My Song Fall Low Came Came Out On New Year’s Eve, Yesterday. It Can Be Found At I Had A Webcam Dancers Shake Their Shit (Hahaha) Without Showing Their Faces, To Try To Document The Whole Instagram / Cam Girl Culture, Where People Care More About Just Some Big Ass On Instagram, And How That’s More Important To People Than Anything Any Artist Has To Say, No Matter How Original It May Be. I Got An Album Coming Out Called, “To Whom I May Concern,” Hopefully In This Month, If Not February.

What got you into music? I Always Loved Music. I Always Felt Music Was The Best Way For Me To Communicate With People.

Anything to tell your fans? I’d Tell My Fans To Be Themselves, Be Strong, And Stand-Up For What You Care About. 2017: Touring, Album, More Music Videos, Bigger And Dedicated Fanbase.

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