Exclusive Interview 


BIO: I’m Tiamat, French producer, 29 years old. I live in the suburbs of Paris. Influences: At the moment,


Top Influences my biggest influences are Flume, Odesza, Stwo or Fakear and many very talented small producers, but my biggest influences of all time are Pink Floyd, Marilyn Manson, Daft Punk or The Prodigy (and so many more)


New projects: My new tunes are coming very soon, i try to put one song by month on Soundcloud 


What helped me to get into music : I have always listening to music, since i was a kid. One day my parents give a guitar to my brother for his birthday but he never used it. I was only 10 and i begin to play with it. Years after, a friend give me FL Studio, and now i work on Logic Pro. I’m totally self educated in music, internet and Youtube was my teachers


Anything to tell your fans? One thing to tell at my « fans » : Listen to all kind of music and stay open minded ! If you are a musician, keep working, your productions will be better day after day !


Biggest goals 2017 : Improve my creativity and my production skills, reach more audience, start to prepare a great Live show

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