Syke Pachino

Exclusive Interview 
BIO Syke Pachino is a Puerto Rican emcee that hails from the southside of Columbus Ga by way of Leominster Massachussettes. This talented artist/producer posesses mind boggling lyricism, ecclectic flow patterns, along with energetic stage show. He delivers pinpoint street narratives, clever punchlines, refreshing concepts and catchy hooks.  Being different as well as a risk taker with his music separates him with other artists in his genre.  Growing up in a volatile environment has given Syke Pachino wisdom beyond his years to express himself with a realistic outlook on life. These qualities give this powerful wordsmith the rare ability to relate to the listener and deliver raw hip hop music with substance. To make a long story short Syke Pachino is an all around artist with more than enough potential to become an ICON in the music industry. 
TOP 5 INFLUENCES:1. Scarface2. Big Pun3. Nas4. 2Pac5. JadakissProjects Coming Out: Ill be releasing my album titled “Only Time Will Tell” tell this May (release date TBA) on my own label EarHustlin Ent.I also will be  on the Hard Work Pays Off Tour 2017 starring Young Bleed, Mr. Envi, Chucky Workclothes, Omega Legacy and The Homie Jai. Its is a 8 state 17 city tour kicking off April 28th.
What Helped Me Get Into Music:
I got into creating music first and foremost because of my love for the art form. I was raised listening to different genres of music and I always would try to pick apart how a song was produced, arranged, written the whole 9 since I was a kid. Once I began writing my own songs I began performing live and the rush I got from being in front of crowd told me that I didn’t want to do anything else but be involved in music in any way possible. 
What is the one thing I would Tell My Fans:
The one thing I would tell them is that I appreciate all of their support and that I thank them for every download, like, share, re tweet, merchandise purchase etc and Im honored to have them as my fans.
What Are Your Biggest Goals For 2017?
My biggest goals for 2017 is to keep expanding my fanbase, keep touring and continuing to push the boundaries of my music.

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