Mogomotsi Chosen


Mogomotsi loyd mdluli AKA (Mogomotsi Chosen) is a south african born in the late 80s (1989) in october 28 musician from the north west province in a small town called rustenburg.he started doing music as a comfort zone after a lonely and traumatic child hood where he was growing up while in a domestic violence house hold, this experience led to him feeling mostly uncommon to all the children around him in the townships of boitekong in rustenburg.
in the early 90s mogomotsi chosen was merely a young boy who was raised in a house hold of music lovers who played around with anything from jazz to modem classical music then gospel. this very surrounding gave him a clear direction to what he should place his heart under .when he was 14 years he joyed a local gospel church choir which laid the foundation to his understanding of music and therefore playing a key role in giving him direction in the art of music .his music career started in the year 2008 in his final year at high school when he discovered that he had the talent of composing his own music while walking home from school. that day he made a decision that he would become a recording and performing artist as a career for the rest of his life.
in the year 2011 he formed a contemporary vocal house group along with fellow musician friends Sia Muzika and Dj slingito and further developed a production company specializing only in music calling this company by the group name somethingblue_music.
he describes his musical genre as a fusion of old kwaito and soul music and has even developed a name for it calling it Skhanda Soul. the inspiration of this genre is taken from great musicians such as lebo mathosa ,mdu masilela,MXO,malik,mandoza,music soulchild,and kem owens .He has caught the attention of many of the prominent musicians such as kgzim from the well known motswako group morafe hence getting mentor-ship from the guy as his older associate and has performed along many of the south African musicians like AKA and kelly khumalo and many others in many festivals around south Africa

 Influences?  yea my influencers in terms of getting into music basically don’t exist I’ve always loved music from a very early age I think its the first thing I understood naturally before I learned how to speak so I always knew that I would be a part of this music thing so long as I keep my heart at it

Upcoming plans/projects? As for my plans this year I am releasing an ep sometime in June so to all my potential and current fans please tell your friends about me…I know its great to be the only 1with the exclusive sound that you just discovered but its even better when your people also get to know it because of you Oh and the EP will be called the green book inspired by the identity book we have out here in south Africa and

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