Exclusive Interview 

BIO HALEG is a duo group & collective that is versatile with our music. We bring a lot of energy to the stage while repping our own brand Golden Hale (NACK$ & DIVI DIMZ) EAST SIDE OF TORONTO

Top 5 Inspirations? Kayne West, ASAP ROCKY, Kendrick Lamar, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne etc

New Projects? Two songs within the next month or two, then first ep in April Starting We both had the love for music. We thought it’d be cool n creative to have our own music played behind our clothing brand Golden Hale, so we went to the studio but then realized how much potential/ love we have for the creative art of music.

Anything to tell your fans? “Treasure your own” is Golden Hale’s Brand motto we live by. It can be interpreted in many ways. Generally means respect and up hold your values some people might not respect the importance to. Like goals, dreams, family, and priorities etc. No one will treasure your values as much as you, and it’s hard to dodge negativity. ALL ABOUT GOOD VIBES, TREASURE YOUR OWN 2017 As time passed the more serious we took music we both also started making beats with the basics on FL 11 and 12.

Biggest goals in 2017 is growth / focus. Focus the time on the craft to grow, and widely spread good vibes with our music

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