Lil Cuz

Exclusive Interview  

Bio: What’s going on, I go by Lil Cuz. I’m a new artist coming out of Ohio, Dayton to be exact. Stand up 937! I rep what’s known as the Good Lyfe. The Good Lyfe isn’t a group it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way you live, it’s the way you think, it’s the way you move, Always live GOOD. As far as the music I’m bringing you everything from straight hip hop bars to singing melodies for the ladies. My main goal is not to be labeled as one genre. I’m not a rapper I’m an artist. Lil Cuz the artist. 2017 started out right and it’s only getting bigger. You can always check out my SoundCloud but trust me when I say theirs bigger and better things coming. So be on the look out for Lil Cuz and the Good Lyfe!

Top 5 influences? 1. My homie and co artist in the Good Lyfe DeNiro he always influenced me in stepping my bars up and remaining myself while I’m doing music. 2. Lil Wayne- Hands down the illest to do it. I couldn’t listen to a wayne project without wanting to rap 3. My City Dayton Ohio. My city has never been know for shit! But everything that goes in to my music comes from being a product of Dayton 4. Can’t lie but Drake. When drake first came out I never heard anybody do it like him. He made me want to sing and rap 5. J.cole- man j.cole is the only artist out that can make me feel the music in my heart. I’m a mid 90’s baby so I didn’t get to witness PAC. J.cole is my 2pac

New Projects? My new projects will come with the right timing. I have so much music in the vault that a project will be easy. For the mean time I’ll be releasing singles trying to build up my buzz

What got you into music? Man me getting into music was written in a scripture haha. I fell in love with rap when I was 7 and been rapping since. I didn’t start really writing until I was 15 and once I turned 18 I bought my own mic and been working on music since. Now about to turn 21 I finally am starting to have the quality and experience to release singles that people tell me are “industry ready”. It really just started for me so nothing but improvement can come from here on out

Anything to tell your fans? Something I would tell my fans is to follow your dreams. This music shit is for me something I’ve been dreaming about for a decade plus, and it saved my life. I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today if it wasn’t for it. So if you have a dream Chase it! And never give up. It was meant to be, never forget that and remember that if you truly love something and you do it everyday, everything else will fall in place and it will happen for you. Just always do it for the passion and not the benefits

Biggest Goals? And my biggest goals for 2017 are to make a staple for myself in the music game. I don’t care if I’m a “soundcloud” artist. As long as I make a buzz and I have some type of a following I’m happy. I promised myself that this year will be “the year” for me. I understand it’ll be just the beginning but I’m going to guarantee that people who really love music and listen to new artists, they will hear about me and the Good Lyfe!

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