Daniel Clark


Exclusive Interview 


BIO: Daniel Clark Age: 19 years old Hometown: Southwest Side of Chicago Ethnicity: Mexican-American


Top 5 Influences: 1. Common 2. Kendrick Lamar 3. Frank Ocean 4. Kanye West 5. Brian Wilson


New Projects: coming out: I’m currently working on my first project called SIXTAPE, which I plan on releasing between the months of May and June of 2017. The name came from a play on words, rather than labeling my project a mixtape with 6 tracks, I figured, why not a SIXTAPE? The whole purpose of this project is to showcase my versatility over trap and soul type-beats. One thing for sure is I don’t want to be confined to just rapping; I enjoying singing. Aside from the SIXTAPE, I’ve been messing around with different sounds for my debut project in 2018. I plan on opening myself to the world through loud, glossy and soulful lyrics and production. I grew up listening to Kanye and Common. West’s production regarding synthesizers and piano keys always invoked emotions for me and that’s a standard I’ve always tried to follow. Common’s lyricism has always captured and depicted vivid pictures for me; it’s inspiring being able to hear a Man keep things G enough so that the streets know where he’s at, yet, being able to break down his love for a woman or life, so that God knows where he’s at. I plan on living up to both their legacies, if not, I plan on exceeding them. Both artists have set the bar high… really high, but that’s the beauty of this game. You need artist like them to give new ones a sense of direction.


What Helped you get into music? My second oldest sister, Leslie, was really into hip-hop, especially Chicago hip-hop. She’s the one who introduced me to Kanye’s music. I remember back in ’07 she was playing his album, Graduation, and the first track I heard was “I wonder.” Kanye’s Graduation album was the first real hip-hop album I ever fully listened to, and since then, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? If you have a dream, any dream. And that dream gives you butterflies, then you’ve dreamed big enough. The next step is to go out into the world and obtain it. Stay off of social media when chasing your dream. It’s easy to get caught up with that Internet bullshit. You’re beautiful. Fuck everybody else’s numbers on likes and comments. Those don’t define you and they neither give you value. Your value is found within you and the people that you surround yourself with. Those are the people that are going to hold you up, not down. Those are the people that are going to support you and your ambitious dreams. Most importantly, those are the same people that are going to give you love when it gets hard to love yourself.


Biggest goals of 2017: I plan on making my name relevant in the underground. I also plan on aligning my name with the adjectives, consistent and authentic.

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