Exclusive Interview 

Bio: Eighteen year old hip hop artist/lyricist, creating music purely off the passion and energy in his spirit. Passion is the number one motivator. Representing the Los Angeles area, however lived last 8 years of life in New York, currently going to college at Uc Santa Cruz. Dense shell with a positively warmed interior. Soulful sound, with a smooth new school flow with clear old school, boom bap inspiration. Open personality, willing and desiring to work with any artist who value themselves as well as their passion highly. Storyteller, draw concepts from everyday life of subjective experience. 

Top Influences   J Cole, Eminem, Sublime, Atmosphere, The Roots

What helped get you into Music? My dad was always a huge music lover, and he would always share a wide variety of music with my brother and I. He was my biggest influence in teaching me the importance, power, culture and depth of music. He helped train my ear to identity intent of the creator, as well as how to interpret my experience as part of the audience. From being an absolute lover of music, I had finally began to take a deeper look into hip hop, starting with the old school musicians my dad had shown me; A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, The Wu Tang Clan, Boogie Down Productions, N.W.A., Eric B. & Rakim, etc. This expanded my understanding of the genre, but it wasn’t until I listened to the Slim Shady Lp, that I had decided I was going to give it a try as the creator of this art form.

Anything to tell your fans? I would want to thank my fans first and foremost, as cheesy as it sounds. Being a fan turned artist, I find it extraordinarily motivating to imagine doing the same thing to one of my fans. I would also want my fans to know that I am super reachable via soundcloud, facebook or twitter and always am welcome to interaction, feedback or even just a little chat to get to know each other a little better. Wouldn’t be where I am, which isn’t far AT ALL, without the support of Quadroon fans.

Upcoming Projects: 

Qoast to Coast- Mixtape with Queen’s area artist “Jayli”

Intentions and Intelligence- Solo Mixtape

Watch-Single with producer Myles

Brea-Single with Brooklyn area artist “Sakinah Iman”

FamFam Projects(Talent Collective)

Goals for 2017: Learn an instrument -> Transform from Artist to Musician

Improve production skills

Perform at the Catalyst(Santa Cruz)

Work with Caleborate

Get 1,000 followers

Meet more artists, and continue to grow diversity in connections

Improve other artistic talents (drawing, editing, filming)

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