Exclusive Interview 

BIO: My name is Ray and I’ve been doing music for about a year with my producer HU. We started this thing for the love of music and the growth from then till now definitely speaks for itself. We started the group GOP which stands for Green Oaks Production. We call it that because we come from a small town and there isn’t much there but a gated community for rich people called green oaks and we always would say we are going to end up in green oaks one day. But yeah, check the music and be prepared for HURay coming in November.

Top 5 Influences:  would probably be Biggie, Andre 3000, Nas, J.Cole, and Q-Tip.

New Projects? Our new project will be dropping around November in 2017. My mom was a big part of me getting into music.

What got you into music? She was always writing poetry and preaching that it doesn’t really matter how much money you have as long as your doing what you love. And my friends are a big influence as well.

Goals for 2017? I would say or biggest goals for 2017 would be to get more recognition and just live a happy life. Definitely find myself along the journey.

Anything else? Much love to Fantasy Hop for the interview

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