DeVinci Fresh


Exclusive Interview 



BIO: Rap Renegade Cortez DeVinci AKA DeVinci Fresh is a talented artist/producer from the north suburbs of Chicago, IL. Cortez DeVinci comes equipped with gritty lyricism, powerful hooks and an irresistible blend of dope beats. His music is like a new strain of Hip Hop. Cool yet hot, and laid back yet outspoken, this multi-faceted entertainer is a force to be reckoned with. Cortez Devinci marches to the beat of his own drum. He makes music from the heart and shares it with the world. His music is a diary of his life. Cortez DeVinci is on a mission to elevate, and inspire! He is determined not to live in the shadows of someone else’s legacy. He is here to create his own path. Cortez devinci is currently working on his new EP due to release in a couple months he took a brake for 2 years due to some legal issues but now is back with a vengeance and a drive to finishing what he started soon the world will know puzzlegang and the movement.mean time you can check out some of his old classic songs on his SoundCloud


Influences? arrabmuzik producer 2.old Kanye west 3.supreme clothing og 5.the universe 6.bruce Wayne self 9.the streets 10.jay z

New Projects? Cortez devinci has an EP dropping sometime in the spring if reviews go well will be dropping an album later in the year for the fans touring and dates will be available soon but mean time you can catch him at this years sxsw music show case festival

What got you into music? I got into music when I was 17 I use to watch a ton of YouTube video on sampling old school music and making beats into them that was the first stage I copped an mpc few months in college back in 08 crazy thing is I didn’t know how to work the mpc so I got pissed off cuz I was limited to the beats I could make on it I almost gave up that day on music until I found this magical program called fl studio I think version 9 or 10 was out at the time and I legally downloaded it wink wink and from there on it was over with

Anything to tell your fans? One thing is new music is on the way I’m flooding shit I’m going cray cray this year And on last thing to my fans……’s start in 89 puzzlegang

Biggest Goals? My biggest goal in 2017 is to fuck 10 new bitches finally have 3 some I know I’m late lol  and shit make a name for myself in the music industry because I feel like I deserve it 

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