Exclusive Interview 

Biojobeye real name Joseph bias I am from northern Kentucky Cincinnati area grew up single mom 11 siblings always raised around music my dad made music when I was younger owned a studio and all in the basement always wanted to make music

Top 5 influences UGK, Three six mafia, jay z,Kanye west, Camron (Dipset)Also special shout out to XXXTENTACION

What got you into music? what helped me get into music is my group SeagueFolin friends my English teacher ms. Gibson and social studies teacher Mr. Montague then my family they always pushed me for higher goals and wanted me to do what makes me happy and they knew music and writing did that for me

Anything to tell the fans? yo shout out all my fan of me and what seaguefolin is bringing to the music without y’all I’m nothing and a special shout out to everyone in my area making music we fuck with everybody and wish to collar with as many people as we can

Biggest Goals of 2017 get things popping in nky get that exposure we’ve been dying to have and working our ass off for also to collaborate with some artists in the game already and get ourselves on the map out where I am from on the map


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