blame bishop

Exclusive Interview 

BIO: I am David Bishop, language is my love, rhythm is my passion and inspiration is my goal. A true NYC native with hip hop blood.

 Top 5 influences? Eminem, Elton John, Phil collins, Childish Gambino, ‘The Throne'(‘ye&jay)

What helped you get into music? The first instrument i ever touched was a guitar and some girl said “he looks mad serious” so i wanted to make it fun. Later in jr hs i was finally allowed to listen to an eminem cd “curtain call” and had to explain to my mom why the curses were necessary. repeating the raps made me cool to everyone so i eventually learned to make my own from the metal kid pedro. ever since then i really enjoyed classical music and aspire to be a conductor one day. I also remember my mom had these cassettes of phil collins and stevie wonder and we would clean and have fun to the music, good times

One thing to tell your fans? I would tell everyone that if they can find themselves inside themselves, the world is really free through happiness, so just be yourself and love yourself, ’cause if you can be you then you’re already important and everything else falls into place

Biggest goals? I really just wanna be heard, i wanna be able to freely share my passions with the world, so my biggest goal this year is to get to internet radio like a sway in the morning or something to prove myself as i know i have to.

New Projects?   I have project ‘GodLand’ coming in may 2017 with some singles in the mean time so look out for those for sure

One thought on “blame bishop

  1. Thank you so much for this interview! This really helps people know a little about me, and im genuinely so shy, anyway i love everyone who takes the time, time is so important.


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