Exclusive Interview 

Bio: Alejandro Arellano. College kid from Broward County Florida. 21 years old. Peruvian/Cuban background

Top 5 influences: MF DOOM, Lil Ugly Mane, Madlib, Mac Demarco, Earl Sweatshirt

What got you into music? I downloaded FL studio with my friend when I was 16 and just messed around until I started getting it. He makes music he’s better than me. He goes by the name Sushi Punk

Anything to tell your fans? Don’t really feel like I have fans yet but I’d tell them that they can do whatever the hell they want and to not listen to anyone’s negative comments or bullshit

New Projects? My first actual album is in the works and I plan on dropping it before I turn 22, so before April 2017

Biggest goals for 2017? is to make good music and have enjoyable experiences. Pretty vague but that’s all I really need

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