Exclusive Interview 

BIO: Conscious is Brett Prusinski, a 22yr old artist from Western New York. Conscious brings melodic, sensual vibes packed with witty, emotional and memorable lyrical verses that matches over unique and funky production. Along with a pure flow Conscious provides the listener with a voice that has said to be “powerful and made to move crowds”. Conscious is best known for being featured on AM Buffalo and having his own Pandora Artist station. Conscious has worked alongside national touring acts such as Steven Cooper, Mc Lars, Mega Ran & Mark Battles. Conscious recently headlined his mixtape release show “Waking Up The Neighbors” which was greeted with an outstanding crowd response. Conscious is heavily inspired by a wide range of artists such as Drake, 50 Cent to Beastie Boys, Twenty One Pilots and has used his taste to morph his own complex sound. Conscious is involved on every end of the production including writing all of his own lyrics, directing and editing all videography & photography. Conscious has quickly made his footprint in his hometown, Be sure to be on the look out for more from Conscious as time progresses. Find out more about Conscious at his official website

New Projects? I have some upcoming releases coming out in February including part 2 of my new mini series, Intentions. 
What got you into music?  I was going through a rough patch in my life and used the music as my outlet and to express myself, I kept all the music I was working on private until some close friends and family pushed me to release it to the masses which one thing lead to another and so here we are!
Anything to tell your fans? Thank you. Thanks for letting me know I’m doing something right.  Thank you for keeping me motivated. Much more to come. I’m lucky to have #TeamConscious on my side. Every like, comment, share means the world to me. Word’s can’t explain.

Goals for this year? This year is my year. I have so much in store and planned for this year. I got a little something for everyone! I am looking to travel and do some shows out of the city and meet other #TeamConscious members! I have some of the best music I’ve ever made coming along with features, crazy next level music videos and merchandise! 

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