J Rilla

                                                  Exclusive Interview  

Top five influences?Kendrick Biggie Charles Mingus Thelonius Monk J Cole


New Projects? My next project is called Banon Park – a small tribute to the place that influenced my music these past few years. I also would like to drop my album called Suburban Asshole this year. I wanted to show people what the thought process was for a African American male who grew up outside of the hood in a all white neighborhood. Banon drops sometime in February don’t have a exact date and suburban asshole should drop before December

What got you into music? I got into music while I was in the military thanks to my homeboys Joe Kenerly and Tyler Wehrung

Anything to tell your fans? If I could tell my fans anything it would to love yourself cuz they gonna hate on your greatness anyway.


biggest goals for 2017? are to get me and my team YKM into a building and start an independent label. I would like to double my fan base as well

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