Exclusive Interview 

Bio: I’m Jamie. I’m 18 years old I’m born on Halloween actually. I been into music for long as I can remember. My family id die for I’d give up everything if it meant them being safe

My top 5 influences: are well to be honest monster cat. Pierce the veil. Ronnie radke. Eminem. And NF. I’m actually working on a new project right now it’s called pain is the name of the game. I should have t out on sound cloud by February 20th

What got you into music?  The things that got me into music was the hard times of my life I’d say the biggest was when I had lost my brother two years ago. I felt a lot of pain and I wanted to put that into something so I thought to myself music I’ll make music that reflects my emotions.

Anything to tell your fans? Something I’d tell my fans is dreams don’t die they arnt finished and if you keep on dreaming you’re bound to reach it someday but some dreams take time and hard work. So don’t ever give up on your dreams

Goals for 2017? I have many goals for this year. One being get thro my last year of high school I’m psyched to graduate. Another is get my music out to the people more gain many fans not for fame but for the love of music I want to share it. Lastly I really want to make this the year I stop being hard shelled and get my self out there in public and stop being shy

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