Exclusive Interview  

Bio My name is Sean Silvia and my rap name is “Silv”. I’m only 16 years old and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts.

Top 5 influences? My influences in rap right BDrake Logic Fetty M&M J-Cole Projects next project coming is a song hopefully planning on releasing that in a week or two and then I’ll be releasing like one more single before we start working on the album me and my boy Aaron Johnson. His account is AaronJohnson127. Shoutout to him reason why this music shit is happening. But yeah we gonna be working super hard on this album we already are. We’ve been in the studio constantly and staying up late. Also between just practicing the verse to correcting the hooks to finding beats and making beats. Too just the small things by taking out the junk works so there is a lot to this project and we are putting all our time and effort in it. I’m planning on getting the album done and ready for closer to April possibly mid April that’s my goal.

What helped me get into music? Just like watching all these artists and just not even hip hop artist just like Justin Bieber or The Beatles and all the different type of musics just seeing people cheering for them and how much they were loved like that’s definitely a big reason why I’m doing music now. I’m still young so I’m just getting into the music industry and I’m just trying to make a name for myself you know? Also people knowing who I am is the biggest part and having respect on my name. Then after that is just the lifestyle that comes with being a famous artist is dope.

What is one thing I would tell my fans? I would tell my future fans hahahah and my very small fan base at the moment to just stay humble and true to yourself you know? I live by the motto of work hard, stay humble and dream big and that’s what I’m doing with this music shit. So that motto I feel can relate to whatever situation you guys are going through. Also tell them to go check me out on SoundCloud .

biggest goals for 2017? Oh god um… well first goal is to release the album and then release a summer album also. Second goal is to grow and improve as an artist. Third goal is to be getting a lot of notice and being on the up and coming. If I can record a banger in the studio that might just break out and people start bumping too it then that would be a great year. I also wanna perform at least once or twice. Also just wanna say a shoutout to my boy aaron again and my boy Christian they have been on this small short ride with me and we gonna do big things soon enough.And shoutout to my boy Tyler and John. Forgot about them my bad. GBGV for life Tyler Cali And shoutout to my boy Tyler Cali. He handles all my album cover art. My boy John just keeps pushing me to do better. GBGV for life. Just a kid from the 508 trying to make it big.

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