Exclusive Interview

BIO I am not really a story guy, it feels so difficult to force myself into a couple sentences but here are some key elements of my story: I am Kid de Mooi a.k.a. the SNGNGDCK based in London/Budapest. I started this songwriting shit with rapping in 2012 but my shit was way to abstract and immature so I gave upon my dreams of becoming a rap superstar. I got back to songwriting in 2014 when my little brother Tonye sent me beats to ask about my opinion. Instead of giving an opinion I fucked up these beats with some freestyle jazz singing. Tonye & Glott! are From The Shadow who provide my production ever since. I experimented with 80’s new wave style and electropunk. I made my debut EP ‘Man In The Broken Mirror’ (you never gonna find that. I’m hiding that shit).

What got you into music? My man Eric Christopher got me back on track and thanks to it I found my funky vibes. It made me start working on and here I am now.

Who are your top 5 influences? Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Maverick Sabre, Childish Gambino & the afrorock movement as a whole but Osibisa is the best. When are your new projects coming out? I dropped my second EP on the 8th of December so right now Im trying to draw attention to it and tryna get it to a wide audience but I started working on my debut LP. A real psychedeluc funky shit. A trippy funk journey ála Kid de Mooi.

What helped you get into music? Well Im gonna tell you who got me into songwriting. I used to do rapping but for real… it was my little brother, Tonye Adesida a.k.a. one half of the ‘ From The Shadow ‘ producer duo. He sent me a beat back then and I started vibing to it and ended up writing singer shit.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Never trust a politician!

What are your biggest goals for 2017? To get more recognition for my EP , to shoot two music videos, release at least two singles from my debut LP, start selling my merchandise and to have a famous feature for my LP. It will be a hella busy year fosho lol.

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