Exclusive Interview 

 BIO: Born & raised in Anderson, Indiana. Grew up as a bit of a lone wolf. I had my circles of folks, but I didn’t run with a pack much. I was usually one deep, or had a couple folks with me. I grew up gang banging at a young age. I remember a couple of my homies started our own little clique in 7th or 8th grade. It was more Juggalo related, and wasn’t really much of a “gang”, just our own little clique. But we made enemies quick because we were banging real gang colors as our own (stupid, I know), haha. Ever since then I was banging. I found myself getting deeper in the streets around 14. Doing dumb shit like knocking over mail boxes, fighting, getting in to drugs, petty shoplifting, bullshit like that. At 16, I was initiated in to Gangster Disciples on the Eastside of Indianapolis. That lead to me dropping out of high school in the 11th grade, and just ran the streets. I never really had to do any of that. I never had to be in the streets like that. My parents worked their asses off to keep me away from that life. But there wasn’t no avoiding it. Wasn’t much else to do for me around our city, and the streets are the only ones who showed me love. In school, I was never accepted by the popular kids, the jocks, etc. But the streets embraced me, and the gang life was and is much like my second family. But the city we come from just gets worse and worse. The economy went to hell as I was growing up. The jobs we did have and still have back home are worthless. It’s mostly fast food, car lots, and retail. The jobs that are around, they don’t do anything for the people. All there’s ever been to do around my city (and some surrounding cities like Muncie, Marion, Naptown – shout out to everybody there as well, especially the other local artists like me trying to make it! There’s so much undiscovered talent in Indiana) was sell drugs, gang bang, chase the local females, and party. Luckily for me, I had a couple older cousin’s who helped push me toward positivity. My cousin Brandon and a homie named Jake, talked me in to enlisting in to the Indiana Army National Guard. I didn’t have much of a criminal record. I was only 19 at the time, with some petty juvenile shit that was expunged when I turned 18. I also had another older cousin from my dad’s side of the family named Travis. He was also an emcee in the underground. Very well known in the Midwest and the underground internationally. He went by Ensizon, with a local label called 3rd Shift Entertainment. He passed away back in 2005. We all miss him every day. But he wanted to kill me when I told him I was officially gang banging. He told me to get in the music game. And I wanted to, but I was too timid to put myself out there like that. I just wanted to be like my OG’s in the streets. I wanted the respect. I eventually found myself at the MEPS station in Lawrence, Indiana where I enlisted as an Infantryman for 6 years, and 2 years inactive. The Army saved my life. The G’s in my old squad are now dead or in prison, or went MIA somewhere along the years. I then found myself at Ft. Benning, GA. for basic training/one station unit training in 2008. Then, in August 2009, I was in Afghanistan. I basically left the street wars, and upgraded to the Bush wars. Being around the military and all the men and women I served with, that changed my mind state. I got over my street life ambitions, but still stayed in the streets. I’ll never stop fucking with the streets, no matter where this music leads me. That’s where I’ve always gotten my love from, and I still get my love from. I’m still the same dude, just dreaming a different dream is all. I’m now working in a factory full time, trying to make this music take off and get me out of there. Even if it takes me doing it all by myself like the legendary Tech Nine did with Strange Music. I’ve got so much respect for him and the legacy he created on his own like that. I’ll get to that level. One day…Now, I’m focussed on this music, writing every day, dropping songs, on iTunes and other digital media, shows booked. I’m coming up…

Top 5 influences: Ensizon. C-Murder. Pac. Eminem. Menacide…..in that order.

When are your new projects coming out? I just dropped my first official single album wth two tracks on that. The album title is “765”, which is currently on digital media, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc. Go check that out! I’m always dropping single’s. I’m also on SoundCloud, ReverbNation (which I recently just hit #22 on their Top 40 Chart). I’ll be dropping a full album later on this year in 2017.

What helped you get into music? I grew up around music lovers. Real music lovers. My dad grew up playing drums and playing garage bands. My mom has played piano and sang since forever. They’re probably to blame for my obsession with music, and a wide musical taste. I was around it all . Rap, Country, Rock-n-Roll, Gospel, Metal, all of it. My cousin Brandon was my inspiration to learn guitar when I was around 12 or 13. Thanks to him, I’ve got the love I have now for Rock and Metal. My other cousin, Travis is my inspiration to actually take this seriously and do something with it. And the Army. I don’t have PTSD, but I’m definitely not the same man I was when I was deployed. I battle my demons on a daily basis. But I refuse to deal with the VA and the poison they shove down our throats. But, I was starting to drown in a dark side. And this music helps keep my mind right. I’m somebody who will sit down and talk about my emotions and cry it out. I hold it in and burry it. I’ve always been like that. And it gets to me. So I use this music as therapy, literally…

What is one thing you would tell your fans? THANK YOU! Seriously. I know it’s a little cliche and expected. But, no artist will ever get anywhere without fans and people supporting them. You can be the dopest rapper in the world, but with no fans supporting you, you’ll be in that 9-5 forever. So, thank you! I will never let them down and I’m coming hard in this new year for them.


What are your biggest goals for 2017? 1)Grow my fan base even more. 2) To win my artist showcase in Chicago in February with Coast 2 Coast LIVE. 3) Dop this full album and press it up for distribution. 4) Last but not least, music videos. My goal is 2 music videos this year. 3 if there’s time and money…

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