Exclusive Interview

BIO: Dakota Bixler (dakbix) is an Electronic music producer that is in the process of rediscovering himself through music after successfully completing degrees in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at Kansas State University in 2013. All those years of formal education and his new career as an Electrical Engineer left him feeling as if there was a side of life left unexplored. He now uses his knowledge of physics, mathematics, and electrical engineering to create digitized masterpieces as he discovers who he really is.

Who are your top 5 influences? Mr. Carmack’s music, creative process, and incredible work ethic are my biggest inspirations. My music is also heavily influenced by artists like RL Grime, The Strokes, and Coldplay. My 5th influence would probably be my background in science/mathematics. A lot of my music is themed around scientific concepts.

When are your new projects coming out? Literally everything I finish is released on my soundcloud, so you can expect new projects out multiple times a week. I don’t try to filter my “good” tracks from my “bad” tracks, because I think doing so crushes my creativity.

What helped you get into music? I’ve messed around with Piano and Saxophone since I was in elementary school, but I was inspired to get serious about making my own music after going to a Skrillex concert (cliche right?). This was in 2014 and Electronic music was still fairly new to me. I was so inspired by how much fun Skrillex was having during his performance, and the crowd absolutely loved it. I had never felt so “at home” as I did in that crowd.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? I would show my greatest appreciation for taking even the slightest interest in what I’m trying to express here. I’m not just having fun when I make music, but I’m also figuring out who I am. And for someone to appreciate that and to become inspired by what I am doing leaves me feeling incredibly humbled and thankful.

What are your biggest goals for 2016? Well, 2016 is almost over. However, for 2017 I plan on improving my production skills as much as I can, performing at and attending more live shows, and reaching out and networking with other artists. It’s going to be a great year. I can feel it!

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