Exclusive Interview 

BIO: I’m Sunny from Torrance, CA, 19 years old just out here making music writing, recording, and producing. Influences for me are hard cause its just so many like if I hear a song I like from a certain artist I’ma continue to dig deep into their catalogue. But if I had to name my top 5 producers I’d say The Neptunes, Kanye West, Q Tip, Dilla, and DJ Premier/ Dr. Dre.

Top 5 influences? Top 5 rappers is tough as fuck for me cause I used have the most cliche list but now like it keeps changing. 

New Projects? My next tape will probably be coming in the next few months hopefully by the summer. I gotta start recording songs. Honestly not to sound stereotypical music had always been there in my life like it has been for everyone else but I always wanted to play the guitar or piano but unfortunately wasn’t able to.

What got you into music? But I kinda distanced myself from music later but still was like a heavy listener. It wasn’t until highschool where I really got into like Hip Hop it was pretty random at that time Drake dropped Take Care and Wayne had Carter 4 poppin so it was alot of crazy music at the time. I had like freestyled something stupid to this guy I knew and it kinda went from there. I’d tell my fans thanks for bumpin my shit and always be real with yourself.

Biggest Goals? My biggest goals for 2017? There’s alot but for starters I’d probably try to learn how to play piano that’s something I really wanna do. I wanna definitely start doing live shows performing in front of crowds is something I’ve been looking forward to for the longest. I definitely want to meet musicians that play instruments cause live instrumentation is something I’ve been wanting to have in my music.

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