Exclusive Interview 
BIO Grenade, Canadian artist is the epitome of the ‘wolf’ mentality, devoted to pushing the envelope he delivers a fresh new sound and style.
Top influences? 5. Hero, he’s a producer from Canada and is making some waves. I’ve been honored to have the relationship of being a friend and working in the studio with him. Him and I haven’t been in much contact lately but I watch him and his moves and always tell my self he’s got the mindset of a mogul.  4. The next thing to influence me is who I surround myself with, my friends and I love pushing the envelope in every way possible from our own sayings to what we wear and how it’s put together. Being “unique” is a big thing but still having the taste that appeals to everyone. 3. Ryan Leslie is a huge part of my approach to music, he’s a genius and has accomplished so much already as a human. His whole persona screams lone wolf. 2. Banksy influences me on many levels, his simple yet outrages art work has a message and also was the first of its kind. No one knows when or where the next piece will be BUT you almost guarantee it’ll be the talk of the town. Finally, my biggest is Jay-z (obviously) but in all honesty, after how many albums, singles and other ventures, the man remains to be the most relevant and on point. He makes trends pop at his age still, he is living proof skill always grows. 
New Projects? I’ve got a few features that will surface early here in 2017. I just recently moved to Vancouver from Calgary, before that Toronto, and am working with some new producers on creating some singles for the summer. On top of that I’ve been working on a new album concept, I haven’t named anything yet but this album will have some big push behind it. I’m aiming to complete everything on it by this spring, we’ll see how it goes. 
What got you into music? The first time I felt like I wanted to write, produce and perform music has to be when I was 14 years old, some homies and I made band-played one show and broke up lol. After that I grew up, found a Discman from my older sisters friend and it had a disk in it full of everything that was popping then. Bone thugs, PAC, biggie and some other joints that didn’t stick around too long lol. But it was one walk home I was trying to remember the biggie and bone thugs joint “notorious thugs” word for word and almost got it down. It gave this feeling when i rehearsed it in my mirror at home, my sense for hip hop grew and being young I was limited to what my parents would buy but I always found a way around it. Later through the years of growing up I slowly continued to feed this song writing passion coming from 14 or earlier, and collected somewhat a sense of rhythm in rap. I downloaded a beat in grade 11 (2006/2007) and mind you in high school I wasn’t anything relevant so when I tried something new or set a statement I usually got clowned on. Any way I got this beat, I leaked that I rap to some homies ( Bshan and Dylan ) and it was kind of a joke. We kicked the one of freestyles, Bshan always always always laid the beatbox, laughed and every now and then I’d actually spit some dope shit. Then one day I showed them this song I was writing, I had like 2 verses and the hook, we played the beat on the aux chord to the car and I must have impressed the homies cause it was kinda silent then a chuckle in way that said “wtf you can rap”. From there it grew and I had my previous ventures (raw illest,  masters of ceremony m.o.c ) and gained a lot of living experience which led me here. Standing as a lone wolf. 
One thing to tell your fans? One thing to tell my fans …. don’t wait to say you know someone who did it, either be that person or do it with them. You all know someone looking to follow their dreams, support that shit. Imagine if it was you, wouldn’t you think your whole friends list would like and share and what you do ? Don’t stop believing and most importantly don’t stop trying. 


Biggest goals My biggest goals used to be those cliche things, right now I truly want to focus on exposure and my fans. I want to be able to have my fans with me every step, all my handles are “thisisgrenade”. I want to get them some videos early spring, some merchandise and live shows. After that it’s really back to the project I got cooking up, it never stops, as an indie artist I never stop working on gaining fans, friends and support. I personally want to that everyone who read this, and you guys for posting this, it’s opportunity like this that makes the world difference and helps us reach more. 

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