Get Money Ghost

                                                         Exclusive Interview 

BIO I was born San Francisco and raised in Sacramento. I’ve always been into music. I wrote my first rhymes back in 2010. I was in a group called Tru Religion/Owlface Mafia from about late 2011 to late 2014 but things started to fall apart and we disbanded and the creator of the group passed late summer 2015.

Top influences? My top 5 influences in music right now would have to be Future, Tupac, Max b, and Gucci. Its a few artists I could name as my 5th top influence but I couldnt decide..

New Project? I dont know when im dropping a new project. I just wanna drop singles and videos until fans demand it

What got you into music? I would say my mom helped me get into music. She has a good taste in music and I caught on too it. I use to dance for fun in high school but I quit dancing senior yr of highschool. It was toward the end of my senior when I got the urge to rap myself


One thing to tell your fans? If I have any fans out there, I would tell them to chase their dream no matter what. Don’t let anyone tell you you cant.

Goals for 2017? My biggest goals for 2017 is to be a part of tour. Create merch. Release a project and to never have to work part time again! Work work work

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