Talk Aint Cheap

                                                                Exclusive Interview 

BIO:  Talk is the CEO of Cashgods music. Coming straight out of Brooklyn, he started rapping 8 years ago when he stopped due to the fact he thought his work was unappreciated. After much time and hard work he got focused and back at it where he is currently writing and producing Welcome to my world #(WTMW) Mixtape. I’m telling my story from the streets and things that I’ve been through . Currently talk is putting out two freestyles a week until Jan 15th when he will be releasing his first single. He is passionate about this project because it’s being fully written and produced by him. With slick metaphors and double entendres his style is perfect for what the game is missing right now. His goal is to get people inspired again by rapping in code instead of the new indictment rap which is what he calls it.

Who are your Top five influences 1. Close friend / Big homie Capitol Sho 2. (Talk) 3. Jay Z 4. Fabolous 5. Jeezy

What helped me get into music? I’ve been listening to hip hop my whole life. I started listening to it more when Biggie came out but Capitol Sho thought I had a dope perspective and way of saying things and from there I started rapping. With his coaching and lyrical battling on tracks I got better faster than most people. So anything good that comes out of it he’s half responsible. I can’t give him all the credit.

When are your new projects coming out? (WELCOME TO MY WORLD) march 2017


What are your biggest goals for 2017? To have at least over fifty thousand fans and followers to share this dope ass music that I’m bringing on a regular basis.


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