OwN wOrLd


                                                                Exclusive Interview 

Bio: Rapper/Producer Own World was born Reagan Ali Ahmed Elabd on September 29 1979 to an immigrant father and his mother, a piano player. Born & raised in Dallas,Texas he spent his early years living in a single mother household and often utilized skateboarding as an escape from the harsh realities of being a have not. His mother was almost burned alive when he was 10 years old but she survived and rehabilitated after months in the hospital and many surgeries. At the age of 13 He began freestyle rapping with his friends for fun and then writing at the age of 17 in the mid 1990’s. He has opened for artist such as aceyalone, living legends, 2 mex and abstract rude and received recognition for his lyrical skills by artists like Aplus from hieroglyphics. As he honed is craft he realized he needed beats and started to make his own out of necessity. With the growing popularity of the internet the music industry was drastically changed, as one no longer needed to get a record deal to be heard. He has since been working on music and releasing songs online for the world to hear his unique take on life.

Top 5 influences: Top 5 influences musically : Nas, big L, hieroglyphics, Eminem, kool g rap

New Projects? New project: new world order (to be announced)

What got you into music? What helped me get into hip hop real heavy was the first time I heard hieroglyphics & Nas. I had a few rap albums before that like ice cubes “amerikkkas most wanted” but when I heard that east coast sound back in the 90’s it was a wrap. I was all in, started free styling with my friends when I was 14, then writing when I was 17 or 18.

Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is “tell yo friends bout me” (chapelle voice)

Biggest Goals: Biggest goals for 2016 is to turn my passion into paper.

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