Uncle Larz

                                                               Exclusive Interview

Bio I’m a 21 year old artist born and raised in the foothills of Colorado Ive been rapping since I was 14 and got into it really just through fuck around freestyles with the homies (Ran$teez, Meelo V, and ChiCityChino) we’ve been doing shows around our city for years and have been recently branching out to other states to reach more listeners (Catch us in TX 2017!)

Top 5 Influences  I am influenced by literally every genre on music but my top 5 influences would probably be -Ab-Soul -Mac Miller -Craig Xen -Deniro Farrar And -Da$h

Upcoming Projects My debut project is dropping around may of 2017 and I have yet to release the title of the project

What got you into music? My boys have always been right by my side through this music shit, big shoutout to Ransteez ChiCityChino and Meelo V

Anything to tell your fans? The one thing I want my fans to know is be patient. I have always and will always believe in quality over quantity. I don’t wanna be an artist known for just one sound, I want to keep expanding and growing, and that takes time. Just stay with me through this journey

Biggest Goals? Biggest goal of 2017 is to get my music into twice as many hands as 2016 It’s gonna be a good year

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