Homicyde Wayne: Tha Gruesome 2some

                                                              Exclusive Interview 

Top five influences.…. Outkast UGK J Prince Our Parents Tech 9 for his indepent hustle and all around business mind.

New projects: Remember The Titans The Mixtape hosted By Dj Mr Rogers Febuary 3 2017,A write up in FYI Houston winter issue launching January 21, 2017.Performance at SXSW in Austin March 15 2017


What helped you get into music? What helped us get into music was our drive and passion to get our music to the masses along woth the many tools social media provides.

Anything to tell your fans? One thing i would tell our fans is that we put alot of passion and sweat into ever performance and every song we record and we hope it reflects when the Mixtape releases as well as when u see us perform live.

Biggest Goals for 2017? are to Take our city (Houston) and state (TX) by storm as a musical force to be reckoned with, then the world from there…….

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