J Rilla

                                                  Exclusive Interview   Top five influences?– Kendrick Biggie Charles Mingus Thelonius Monk J Cole   New Projects? My next project is called Banon Park – a small tribute to the place … More J Rilla


                                                     Exclusive Interview    Top 5 influences: lil peep, teamsesh, Radiohead, josheatn, and brennansavage   New projects: just came out with an album and an ep I’ll send you links but … More Jvnction


                                                             Exclusive Interview  Bio: I’m Jamie. I’m 18 years old I’m born on Halloween actually. I been into music for long as I can remember. My … More Corridia

Dejuan Whaley

                                                    Exclusive Interview  BIO Derek “Dejuan Whaley” (stage name) a.k.a d.whale is an African-American hip-hop recording artist born in Philadelphia, PA on September 4th, 1993. He was raised in South … More Dejuan Whaley


                                                         Exclusive Interview   Bio My name is Sean Silvia and my rap name is “Silv”. I’m only 16 years old and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. Top 5 … More SILV

Roga Raph

                                                        Exclusive Interview   BIO:  Roga Raph is a rapper/producer who was born in Newark, New Jersey and grew up in Mt. Kisco, New York. His conscious lyrics … More Roga Raph


                                                         Exclusive Interview BIO I am not really a story guy, it feels so difficult to force myself into a couple sentences but here are some key elements … More -kID-dE-mOOI-


                                                     Exclusive Interview  Top Influences I’m going to answer as a producer/engineer – top 5: Pete rock, Harry fraud, Jimi Hendrix, Rick Rubin, Alex tumay – New Projects: Slumdog billionaire … More Bill$up


                                                      Exclusive Interview   BIO: Born & raised in Anderson, Indiana. Grew up as a bit of a lone wolf. I had my circles of folks, but I didn’t run … More HOOSIER BOY


                                                     Exclusive Interview BIO: Dakota Bixler (dakbix) is an Electronic music producer that is in the process of rediscovering himself through music after successfully completing degrees in Mathematics and Electrical … More dakbix