Exclusive Interview


Bio: I am a 16 year old artist from South Florida. I started rapping ever in 6th grade where I would freestyle in front of my friends for fun. Four years later I realized I have a real talent for making lyrics. I then started saving money to buy the equipment and decided to start my career.

Top 5 influences: My top five influences are Kodak Black, Drake, Mac Miller, Logic, and especially G-Eazy. I feel like what they are saying is more then just music, It’s a form of art. They find a way to tell a story in their raps. As a kid , I would throw one of them on and it was an escape from the world. That’s the effect I want my lyrics and songs to have on people.

When are your new projects coming out?: Currently I am working on a mixtape with my boy Primo Jefe. It is gonna tell a story of the different phases a rapper goes through while making his way up in the music industry. It is going to have its fair share of club bangers, and also songs to put on your headphones and really listen to. I am also currently working on a single with another local artist Anonymuz and that is something to look forward too.

What helped you get into the music industry?: When I was little I was always inspired to be on stage and rap in front of people that connect with my music. When I was in middle school my cousin was trying to get into the industry and I thought the idea of sharing my music to people was the coolest thing.

What is one thing to tell your fans?: I want to tell my fans that you guys are literally everything. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you guys showing all the love and support and constantly motivating me to be the best that I can be everyday. All the DM’s and mentions I get from fans always make my day wether I show it or not.

What are your biggest goals in 2017?: My goal is to get my music out to the world and to have everybody bumping it. I am going to try my hardest to put out loads of quality music, and to go on tour and preform more shows. I want to grow my audience and soon become a household name.

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