Exclusive Interview

Bio Chimney 20 year old rap artist from Minnesota. I’ve been making beats and writing songs for almost two years now. Just had my first release Mind of a Human EP release on Itunes, Spotify, Google play, amazon music, etc. For my first project I just really wanted to be myself so each song I free wrote off the top of my head. In every song I’m brutally honest about hating myself and struggling to stay alive, but knowing that my destiny is in the music.

Top 5 Influences: Kid Cudi Kurt Cobain The passion Cudi and Kurt have make them my favorite artists. I deal with similar life issues like mental health, mental disorders, being cheated on, being alone and drug addiction. Because of this I feel connected to these two the most. Tame Impala- Hearing Kevin Parker’s masterpiece Currents album changed my life. The first time I listened to it was also my first acid trip, which was the beginning of the music for me. Hearing music differently like that after I had already loved it so much gave me motivation to create and inspire and helped me find my life calling. The psychedelic Pop is beautiful and Kevin made every melody on the album. Solo work inspires me because that is what I want to do. Tech N9ne Tech was really the first rapper I ever liked and remains my favorite rapper other than myself of course. Albums like absolute power, killer and K.O.D are always in heavy rotation for me. J Cole I first heard J Cole when Friday night lights dropped and the poetry and flows brought a new meaning of music to me and ultimately inspired me to make use of my poetry.

Next Project? My next project will be my debut album produced by Ronny J. That will come out whenever I come up with the funding that I need for it.

What got you into music? What helped me get into music were my favorite artists, my writing skills and my many different voices. When everything else in life had failed my I turned to the music and it has kept me alive ever since. Music is all I have, so I plan on giving all I have to it.

One thing to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is to never give up on life. I struggle with depression and anxiety so everyday is a battle for me and I hope to inspire others to stay alive just as kid cudi and cobain inspire me to stay alive.

Goals for 2017? My goals for 2017 is to release my favorite music. If I can make music that is my personal favorite then nothing else matters. I have 3-4 unreleased songs that are my all time favorites so I expect 2017 to be a huge year for me. My favorite song I’ve ever made gets released on valentines day, I made the beat for that one.

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