Exclusive Interview

BIO 20 year old rapper from Kansas City, MO Caleb Cox aka C² has been rapping since the age of 15. It started out with freestyles at parties, and eventually he started recording at age 19. C² has an upcoming mixtape CARLOS coming out and plans to work on his debut album right after the mixtape

Top five influences: Kanye, Outkast, Earl Sweatshirt, J Cole, Tyler The Creator

New music? Mixtape CARLOS has been dropping as singles every week, full mixtape dropping 1/10/17. After that I’m gonna start grinding on an album that’ll be ready sometime around July of 2017.

What helped you get into music? The thing that helped me get into music would be, just listening to it and surrounding myself with people that listen to it, a got a buddy of mine who raps Jon Quil, and we have discussions of anything hip-hop influenced. We dig it man, I think he has really helped me out a lot as well to stick to it and not give up.

Anything to tell your fans? I’d tell anyone who fucks with my music that ya know, life is full of ups and downs. I’ve been to the lowest of lows, the darkest places man, and it’s really about overcoming that and looking towards your goals. Don’t get caught up in the stupid shit, overcome that, not everyone is here to help you out, some shit you gotta do on your own, but thats life.

Any upcoming goals? Seeing as though 2016 is almost over my main goal was to drop a song, just one. I’ve managed to drop six this year, so I’m pleased with myself. However in 2017 I have a lot of goals I wanna work towards, I wanna drop the mixtape in January, pump out my debut album in July, and work towards having a concert. It’s gonna be a packed, and tough year, but I’m ready for whatever comes my way.

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