Exclusive Interview  

Bio Tavares Foster is the Founder and CEO of “Quality Key”. Vast marketing is his expertise as a business man. He is very equipped with the knowledge of becoming successful. He has a lot of experience in the business field. “Blood, sweat and tears is what incorporated this business”. He is inspired to create a friendly environment in the music industry and with other companies. He represents in a way to give back to the community. Since 2002, music has been the backbone of his life. He is also a recording artist, composer, producer, and sound engineer. His two major influences is his brother passing away and Hip-Hop Artists that came before him to pave the way for his generation. He will always aim to be the absolute best in everything that he does. When people listen to him and his cast music, he wants them to understand the meaning behind it and hope that they will be able to pass it on to the next person while knowledge is learned from it. He is a visionary with uncanny talents. He enjoys doing music with a passion and refuse to put denial towards it. Listening to different genres throughout the years has inspired him to open the hearts and minds of people as well as himself. He solely believes that he can change the world and make it a better place to live through a lot of effort and hard work.

Top influences? My top five influences are: Tupac, Kendrick, JCole, Nas, and Pharrell

New music?  I just released a new song called “Go With The Flow” on SoundCloud and will be releasing another song on New Year’s Eve

What got you into music? I started doing music to stay out the streets. I saw myself develop as a person through writing lyrics. I felt compelled to get a message across that could inspire people.

One thing to tell your fans? I would tell my fans to always stay humble and live free.

Biggest goals? My biggest goal for 2016 is to market my music and build a growing fan base for start 2017.

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