King Salomon







   Exclusive Interview 



Bio:The name King Salomon comes from the biblical King named Solomon and the former president of Haiti Lysius Salomon. King Salomon is a hip hop artist from Roselle NJ that is poised to make a dominant impact on the Jersey hip hop scene. His vibrant and complex lyrics creates the image of a man dealing with the hardships of the inner city mixed with the drive and passion to achieve greatness. 

Upcoming projects? Salomon is currently working on his debut mixtape entitled “The Book Of Salomon Chap.1” The project is set to be released this fall and feature dynamics tracks such as “Bless Up” and “Glory”. This project dives into the mind of the self titled “king” as he survives his cut throat neighborhood. King Salomon is here to bring the hip hop industry back into the era of bars instead of melodies.

Who are your top 5 influences? My top 5 influences would be Jay-z, Andre 3000, Nas, J.cole, and Wale

When are your new projects coming out?: I have my debut mixtape called Book of Salomon coming up either end of December or early January

What helped you get into music?: I’ve always had a deep passion for music. My older sisters would write poetry and raps when I was young so I always wanted to hear new music whenever I could

What is one thing you would tell your fans?: Just to keep supporting and believing in your own dreams. I feel like I’m proof if you want to do something nothing and no one can stop you

What are your biggest goals for 2016? My goal for 2016 to make sure people knew who i was. I feel i have done a good job of that so far and for 2017 i plan on taking things to a new level.


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