J Brown


 Exclusive Interview 



Exclusive Interview Jermaine Brown BIO Known for being an electronic producer with a bassy edge, Greater London based producer Jermaine Brown has gone from strength to strength, having been a consistent and steady house music producer. Growing up in Islington with his mother as an only child, he was experiencing life on the streets of London and was facing an uncertain future. Although having the ability to not only hear good music but to feel it, it wasn’t until just over a year ago that Jermaine started making music and without even picking up an instrument before he decided to teach himself how to become a music producer. Jermaine stays mostly within himself and prefers to stay in his head most of the time and it is this that led him to becoming his own worst enemy, sometimes talking himself out of his talent. It wasn’t until recently that he allowed his music to be heard by others than just people he knew. Jermaine started getting noticed by other artists and record labels encouraging him to get his sounds out there. It was this recognition and encouragement that boosted Jermaine’s confidence in his ability to produce some really good music. First and foremost Jermaine thanks his mum (Ramona Brown) who has supported and believed in him wholeheartedly throughout his journey.

WHEN ARE YOUR NEW PROJECTS COMING OUT? I am currently working on producing my own high quality house tracks with the aim of releasing them early next year. I have also just started a regular weekly radio session with Anthony Ranz on No Stress Radio. WHO

ARE YOUR TOP INFLUENCES? Music saved me from a lot of decisions that could have led to my life taking a very different path. Many people have inspired me and helped me to concentrate my efforts into becoming not only a good music producer but a better person in general. Being honest, I am my biggest influence and the desire to do better for myself.

WHAT HELPED YOU GET INTO MUSIC? After listening to various music whilst attending events I started to hear potential in songs and this led to me trying to make beats myself. My life has not been plain sailing and therefore I have faced a lot of set-backs and knock downs. After taking some time to discover myself I remembered why I started making music and made the decision not to give up – that I’d find a way to do what I loved doing.

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD TELL YOUR FANS? I would tell others to have patience, perseverance and resilience. Never give up on something what you believe in and know that the struggle isn’t a signal to stop, but is a sign to keep going!

WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST GOALS FOR 2017? My biggest goal for 2017 is to continue to spread positive energy through my music. My ultimate goal is to do what people told me I couldn’t.  

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