Exclusive Interview


Recording artist Andrew A. Roland Jr stage name aaronblck was born and raised in the South Bronx where he developed a love for music. Upon graduating high school he received a laptop as a gift which he got familiar with the FL studio sequencer and started to develop his own music. 

He served in the U.S. Navy from 2007 to 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida where he got a taste of where music could take him and developed more skills as an artist. Now a veteran back in his hometown of the Bronx he dropped a mixtape on April 2014 named “Primetime 25” and has later dropped two beat tapes, “The Red Room” and “The Yellow Room” in the summer of 2016, which are all available on his website www.aaronblck.com

With influence rooted in Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B and Gospel, aaronblck is ready to bring you something new with an old school twist. And ready to show the universe what he is capable of as an artist. 

Who are your top 5 influences

Well I have a lot of influences for different reasons. I’ll let you know a few and why. (And this is not a ranking)

Michael Jackson for his passion for music. You can tell how passionate he was through his delivery his performance and his technicality. When Mike was on stage you were mesmerized, everything he did had an allure to it. Next, I would say, 2pac. Not so much for the music, which is appreciate, but more for what he stood for. He fought, taught, enlightened and no mater what he was Tupac. Being a black man, as I got older and went through certain life experiences I appreciate who he was. Next, I would say Sean Combs because, who didn’t want to be this nigga at one point, he defines a whole era of hip hop and so many others have stemmed from him, with out biggie there would be no Jay. He understand and embodies the culture. I also have to say that Notorious, his rap style was unorthodox his rhyme schemes where raw and never was 4 bar rhyme schemes. He would rhyme the first bar with the last, instead of the bar, car, star, far style. Last is Nas, simply because he is a disciple, it’s no way you can, not be a fan of nas, in my eyes.

When are your new projects coming out?

Well, I have some things I’m working on, no dates tho, but I’m always creating. Also trying to learn the business and own some things before I make my next move. I’m in a transition mode just broadening my style but I got a few songs I’ll be dropping the top of 2017 

What helped you get into music?

I’ve always been into music since a young age. I grew up in church and being around that was great. My sister sang so I picked that up by seeing her do her thing. I was always intrigued with the drums, which later grew into me banging on lunch tables and lockers in high school. But rapping came along in high school a friend of mine back them named Malcolm had bars, so he really was instrumental to me putting pen to paper.

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

I would tell them, to be persistent with their dreams. Don’t let setbacks discourage or stop you in whatever you do, its part of life. It’s all about the getback. And stand on you’re own beliefs and be true to self because only a few will be as true to you.

What are your biggest goals for 2016?

I want to record and put out more music. I feel like I got a lot to offer. My vibes are my vibes and I just want those who feel and understand my vibe to vibe out with me lol.

Also I want to step into acting, I’m in the process of taking classes getting a coach. I enjoy being able to let loose and show more on my personality through characters.

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