Exclusive Interview

Bio/Influences  GIUSEPPE was born and raised in Italy influenced by the american culture and artists like Michael Jean Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kanye West and GOOD music, Lauryn Hill and Lucien Clarke. He touched town in Miami Dade County in 2014 and has been there ever since. As a member of the Miami collective DERBASOL he works with artists and producers VOiS,KlOO and PU$$EIDXN. GIUSEPPE produces and engineers all of his music and he’s working on developing a new international sound blending English and Italian in his works.

Upcoming projects? His upcoming 1st album named KTEMA is expected to drop in 2017

What helped you get into music? What I wanted to understand rap songs but i didn’t speak English so when i was 11 i told myself i have to learn it if i wanna be a star and even understand what my idols were talking bout and shit

A word to your fans? For my fans, I wanna show everybody that it dont matter where you from or who you are, if you really want something and you focus all your energy on it you can get it. I wanna inspire those insecure kids around the world to step foward and embrace what they love and their dreams because we all got some you feel me?

Upcoming goals? 2016 was practice. 2017 is when i expect my real projects to drop, KTEMA is going to be released as a short lenght film following a storyline that connects the songs to each other.

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