Trae Guru

                                                      Exclusive Interview

Bio: 18 year old Philadelphia native,T R A E, is a singer/songwriter/producer. Despite the fact he is currently attending university, he is still chasing his dreams.

Who are my top five influences? Frank Ocean, Neyo, the black eye pease, Jhene Aiko, and Andre 3000

What helped me get into music? I’ve been into music my whole life but during my middle school years I’ve had some traumatic experiences that lead to depression. I didn’t have anyone I could talk to so I just started writing poetry/songs. A year or two later i decided I wanted to invested in a midi keyboard and started composing my own songs.

When are my new projects coming out? There will be new music coming mid December.

What is one thing I would tell my fans? Support your friends and I appreciate the support.

What are my biggest goals for 2017? I hope to have a decent sized fan base and a project out that I could perform with a live band around the country.

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