Exclusive Interview

Bio – My name is Inswain, I am a 22 year old rapper from Pittsfield MA. I am a part of That Guy Productions AKA TGP. I focus on lyrics, multisyllabic rhyme schemes, cadence, and a combination of single, double, and quadruple timed flows. I try to use all types of instrumentals and if theres a style I haven’t used yet I’m sure it’s on my to-do list!

My top five influences -are Montana of 300, Young Savage, Felly, The Palmer Squares and most importantly KXNG Crooked and the whole style he bred on the West Coast. I am definitely influenced by the crook class even here on the East.

Any new music coming out?I have a single coming out in December and already have a few months into 2017 worth of music stocked up or in the works!

What got you into music?– I started off playing a little bit of the drums and that is where I got my basic knowledge of music and then took it to my voice instead! Then from there I’d have to say what really motivated me was seeing untalented artists be successful. It really can kill your spirits when someone makes millions doing your hobby in a lazy way but you just have to turn that to into your motivation and tell yourself “If they can make millions being lazy, than my hard work can make me BILLIONS”

– What is one thing I would tell my fans? –What fans? Lmao nah I’m just playing, I would tell them I appreciate all their support more than they realize and that sounds really cliché but it’s so true I had to say it!

Any upcoming goals?The goals I have set right now are to get a video filmed, do a Grind Mode Cypher, and put out a new line of merch for TGP. Also, working with artists I listen to is always something I love doing so whenever another one of those opportunities arises I will be hopping on it! (FELLY IF YOU’RE READING THIS HMU BRO)

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