Midwest Pharaohs: Ricky Villain

                                                        Exclusive Interview 

Midwest Pharaohs bio: Midwest Pharaohs is a hip hop collective from Sheboygan, WI founded by rapper/producer Ricky Villain and includes rappers Dominique Q, Bucket Hat Jone$, and Kaito. The only projects released under the collective are “WisconStoned” and “Odina” by Ricky Villain but they have big plans for the future and a lot waiting in the vault.

My top five influences Kanye West, Capital Steez, Earl Sweatshirt, Isaiah Rashad, and Andre 3000

New Projects?  Just released a new project “Odina” and have a lot more in the works but nothing announced yet but planning on dropping new music before 2017

What got you into music? I got into music at a young age, but I used to listen to a lot of alternative rock and 90s grunge so I actually used to wanna be a rockstar but over time I got into hip hop more and more and the more serious I took it, the better I did so I just dedicated myself to it and I’m just hoping the world catches on soon


Anything to tell your fans? I’m not sure I really have many fans at this point but if I had to tell them one thing it’d probably be to just find your passion and put your everything into it. There’s nothing more satisfying than that

Biggest Goals of 2016? My biggest goals in 2016 would probably be to invest some money to get some attention for Odina, and once I get that ball rolling we gonna drop some new shit to take this shit even furthur

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